Legal Notice

Trademark Ownership

All product and company names that may appear in this website are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of their respective holders, and the authors of this website have no vinculation with any of the registered brands that may be referred to other than PuzzleSounds (“we” or “us” hereinafter). Any other mention is only an illustration to the response that can be expected from the product.

Nature of our products and trademark references

All the products offered in this website are customized kits in different forms, that is, disassembled instrument effect pedals for electronic enthusiasts to build in which some of all of the parts and aesthetic aspect has been decided by the buyer, opposed to standard effect pedals whose aesthetic aspect and part selection are decided by the manufacturer and not the client.
Even being a product of a whole different nature, the authors have avoided the use of trademarks or registered trademarks except when needed to understand the purpose of the product being described, understanding that there’s no harm as there’s no possible confusion with any trademark-protected product. If the trademark owner find an issue on that, the reference will be removed inmediatly.
By making an order from this website, the buyer is aware of buying a part of an effect pedal, a buyer-customized disassembled effect pedal (hereinafter “kit”), or a buyer-customized disassembled effect pedal prebuilt/built by us after the buyer’s request (hereinafter “PuzzleKit” or “Assembled Effect Pedal” respectively).

Material Copyright

All the pictures, sound demos, documents and material in this website are original. You are permitted to retain local copies of the files, but reproduction, retransmission, and republication of said files is expressly forbidden. All the information is presented on this website with the implicit understanding that no outstanding copyrights are being violated. When an original manufacturer’s name or trademark is referred to, it remains the property of the current owner, and no connection between us and said manufacturer is implied.


   Terms of Service (T.O.S)

1. Is my product refundable?

1.1 The following products are eligible as refundable:

– Not paint or decal customized completely assembled effect pedals.

– Defective products (see the section 2).

1.2 The following products are not elligible as refundable:

– Kits

– PuzzleKits

– Paint and/or decal customized effect pedals of any kind

– Any customized pedal built under request, and not listed on our webstore (loopers with custom number of loops, switches,…).

2. In the case the product may be returned:

The product must be returned with no scratches/damage/wear use within 7 days of receiving the item. Shipping and handling fees are not refundable in returns, and only the price of the item without the shipping and handling fee (8€) will be refunded. The user is in charge of any fee that may apply if returning from outside the EU.

We test all or products before shipping to ensure a proper performance. In the unlikely event of receiving a defective item, the item must be returned within the first 3 days and it’s up to us to either:

   – refund the item price and the original return shipping (ONLY up to our shipping fee and if the item is not visibly damaged by the user).

   – repair the product without extra cost and send it back to the buyer.

We do not offer partial refunds. The user is in charge of any fee that may apply if returning from outside the EU.

If the product presents a malfunction after this period, we can’t ensure that it is not due to a user mishandling as all our pedals must be opened to add/remove batteries and other elements. We offer free repairings within the first two years of use, but the user is in charge of the shipping costs, both sending and returning, and any other fee that may apply if returning from outside the EU.

If there’s a damage to the product caused by a misuse that void the warranty (bad connection of the LED, Battery or DC Connectors, bad polarity or power supply voltage, mishandling…) the buyer is also in charge of the repairing costs.

In any case, even the ones not explicitly described, we do not cover any returning shipping or fees, that must be covered by the buyer.

The buyer must contact us before returning the product to get additional instructions.

3. Shipping

As all our pedals are built under request, we do our best to ship them as soon as possible. The time range is between 2-4 days for kits, puzzlekits and assembled pedals without painting, around 7 days for painted kits, puzzlekits and assembled pedals and around 12 days for custom graphics kits, puzzlekits and assembled pedals. This times may vary slightly depending on our workload; we’ll contact you and let you know if there was a significant variation.

In no case can we be held responsible for the delivery times, as it depends only on the post services and is totally beyond our hands. The parcels can be tracked with the tracking number we provide once the order is completed.

If you choose to have a parcel delivered via standard non-tracked shipping (opposed to registered shipping) you are accepting that non-delivery is out of our hands and we cannot be held responsible for non-arrival of parcels. Standard shipping is not a problem for most countries, but depending on your local post service or if you need a tracked service choose the registered shipping method.

4. Support

When buying kits and electronic parts, all electronic parts have been individually tested to ensure perfect functioning and you are buying them as is. This means that it’s up to the buyer to build the kits correctly, and no responsibility can be derived to us because of a faulty assembly of said parts.

We’d love that you build a pedal you can enjoy, and we’ll do our best to help you achieve it in case you find troubles, but support is not guaranteed in any way. Our time is limited and we can only give support when the workload allows it.

5. Customization

For most of our effect pedals and kits, different elements can be customized by the buyer. As explained in the “Customize your pedal” page, the buyer has to let us know his choices in the note order when purchasing the product. Otherwise, we understand he doesn’t have any preference and we’ll use random elements.

In no case can we be held responsible for the delivery times, as it depends only on the post services and is totally beyond our hands. The parcels can be tracked with the tracking number we provide once the order is completed.

6. Handcrafted elements

Some processes are handcrafted, like enclosure painting, drilling or sanding, hence small tolerances can appear even if they are kept to a minimum. These minor flaws are only aesthetical and do not affect in any way to the functioning of the products.

7. Copyright

All the pictures in this website have been taken by us and are copyright protected.

Our pedals designs are made after pictures sent by the buyers. We do not take any responsibility for any copyright violation, and it’s up to the buyer to use copyright-free pictures.

By accessing or continuing to browse this webstore you are accepting these Terms Of Service. Otherwise, you must leave this Website now.