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We offer them in different formats, from a kit to build your own effect pedal for those interested in both electronics and music, to fully assembled effect pedals ready to play.

The first one would be the Kit, that will allow you to build your own diy effect pedal. With this option, you will get the pcb and all the parts needed (resistors, capacitors, ICs, transistors, potentiometers…), and along with the building manual you can download from the kit’s page you’ll have to solder them together. Besides, in each effect pedal kit’s page you can find a difficulty rank. Building your own diy effect pedal is a great experience if you like both electronics and music!

The second option is the PuzzleKit (or preasembled) option. It’s pretty much like the Kit but all the parts are already soldered for you, so no worries with soldering and electronic skills: you just have to put the pieces together as if it was a puzzle.

And if music is your only concern, then we’ll do all the building for you and you will get a fully operational and ready-to-play pedal!

We use the following enclosure sizes:

If you are interested in another enclosure size, contact us to check if we can work with it!

According to the EU regulation concerning electronic products, we offer a two year warranty in our pedals (check the TOS for more information).

Because of Trademark copyright, we can’t mention any brand, but most of our pedals are based on well known ones. If you have doubts or want to know more about any of our pedals, send us an email!

For each pedal we include demos and videos so you can hear them before buying, but not having any physical store makes not possible to try them beforehand.
However some of them can be returned if you don’t like them depending on the customization options.

Once the order is shipped, we’ll provide you an email with a tracking number and indications on how to follow your parcel.

If you bought the pedal as a registered user (which we strongly recommend), you can simply get into your account and you’ll be able to track your order.

Depending on the options you have choosen, the times vary a bit. With normal workload, these are the estimated times:

  • Kits
    • without painting: around 1-2 working days
    • painted or graphic customized without painting: around 5 working days
    • graphic customized: around 10-12 working days
  • PuzzleKits and Effect Pedals
    • without painting: around 2-4 working days
    • painted or graphic customized without painting: around 5-7 working days
    • graphic customized: around 12-14 working days
  • Loopers: Around 2-6 working days

Please, keep in mind that all of our effect pedals, kits and loopers are handmade under request according to your choices, and that they are built as the orders are placed. Thanks for your patience! 🙂

All our shippings are made via priority mail with tracking number; nevertheless the shipping time will depend on the destination country. Here are some estimations, but for more information you can check your shipment status at any time using the tracking number provided or contacting your local post office.

  • Europe: within 5-10 working days
  • USA: within 5-14 working days
  • South America: within 10-20 working days
  • Other countries: within 7-15 working days

Note: If you’d like to get it sooner, we can ship it using a different carrier or an express post service; please let us know before placing the order as the shipping costs will be higher. Note for Australia customers: even if we ship the parcel with tracking number, the australian post doesn’t allow to track the shipment. If you’d like us to use another carrier (DHL, Fedex…) please let us know before placing your order.

We encourage you to register in our website in order to make our experience better. Some of the benefits are being able to follow your orders in an easy way, set your wishlist, manage your shipping and billing details, getting offers and discount coupons and much more.

You just have to go to the login form and select the option “Forgot the password?”. A new one will be sent to your email.

We’ve created a debug guide with the most common problems. You can find it here:
If after following all these steps your pedal still doesn’t work, send us an email with the results of all these tests.

No, even if the dot is facing the correct direction the IC should be soldered on the right side of the PCB, otherwise it won’t work and will probably be damaged if power is applied.

We’re sorry, but we don’t build or work with pedals that are not from us: if any mistake were made and the pedal didn’t work it would be impossible for us to replace the original (as well as a lot harder and time consuming to find the problems as we don’t know how they’re designed).

We only offer a product we are 100% sure that the client will be satisfied with it, and that’s why we don’t build other manufacturer’s kits or make mods on original pedals as simple as they may be.

We’d love to be able to answer all the questions you may have over the phone, but because we are a two-person-atelier and taking care of everything from web maintenance, pcb design and order dispatching, we have to make a good time management and it’s a lot easier for us to answer your questions via email.

If you have some concern difficult to explain in writting, send us an email and we’ll provide you a contact number.