Why stick to standard looks? Customize your pedal and make it look exactly how you want!
Knobs, LED and painting to make your pedal trully yours


Get a plain color or a background color along with another one applied as sparkles on top.
These are just some of the combinations you can create!

Puzzlesounds Plain Color Painting
Puzzlesounds Custom Color Painting


To make your pedal even more customized, you can add your own graphics!
We recommend using a polished or painted (clear color) enclosure for better results.


Puzzlesounds Custom Graphics


Puzzlesounds Custom Graphics Painted


Choose between a wide variety of knobs. You don’t have to stick to just one kind:
you can even get a different one for each knob!
This option is included for free with any diy kit, puzzlekit and effect pedal.


Give your pedal the last personal touch choosing the LED and DC Jack color!
This option is included for free with every kit, puzzlekit and effect pedal

LED Options

Customize Your Pedal Super Bright Clear Leds

DC Options

Customize Your Pedal Boss Dc Jack Adapter